Buena Vista
The project, located in the Berkeley Hills, is an innovative collaboration that demonstrates how disparate programmatic requirements can be assembled into a unified resolution. A duplex, expanded with an addition, was turned into a gracious single family residence. Three primary factors provided the direction for this project: the panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, adherence to feng shui principles established by the client's noted Chinese feng shui master, and the goal of a net-zero energy house using sustainable materials.
Interior walls and separations were minimized to create a maximum sense of openness and focus towards the view. The feng shui master counseled a radical reorganization of the interior spaces in order to create harmonious energy (chi) patterns. To mitigate energy usage, a thermal solar system was installed. It supplies heat for both the radiant floors and the domestic hot water. Photovoltaic panels supply electricity, and substantial insulation and careful window placement decrease requirements for heating and cooling.
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